Linguistics at the Library – Episode 5 by The British Library

Evolving English: Linguistics at the Library Podcast

Episode 5

This week is a bumper episode because Andrew and Rowan are joined by Rosy Hall, who completed her PhD placement at the British Library in 2017! We discuss island communities and why these are linguistically interesting, before hearing about Rosy’s own research on the island of Bermuda in the north Atlantic.

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This week’s ‘What’s the feature?’ used a clip from:

BBC Voices Recording in Knowle West, Bristol. BBC, UK, rec. 2005 [digital audio file]. British Library, C1190/07/02. Available:

Further reading:

Varieties of English in the Atlantic: Small Islands Between the Local and the Global – ed. Susanne Wagner, forthcoming (Benjamins Varieties of English Around the World series)

Tristan da Cunha and the Tristanians – Daniel Schrier and Karen Lavarello-Schrier, 2011

Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks: The Story of the Okracoke Brogue – Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes, 1997

Mock Spanish: A Site For The Indexical Reproduction Of Racism In American English – Jane H. Hill, 1995:


A Life to Kill by Matthew Hall by Pan Macmillan Audio

Listen to an extract from A Life to Kill by Matthew Hall, read by Sian Thomas.

From the bestselling author of the Coroner Jenny Cooper series comes A Life to Kill, Matthew Hall’s most gripping, moving and timely thriller to date.

If they’re hiding something, we’ve got a right to know. We’ve got a right to know what Kenny died for . . .

The day they’ve all been waiting for is at hand. The last British combat soldiers in Helmand are counting the minutes until their departure for home. For their excited families in Highcliffe, it spells the end of an agonizing six month wait.

But in the final hours, disaster strikes. Nineteen-year-old Private Pete ‘Skippy’ Lyons is abducted and the patrol sent out to locate him is ambushed. One killed, two injured. One still missing in action . . .

Their loved ones are left desperate for answers the Army won’t provide. How could Private Lyons have been snatched from a heavily fortified command post? And why are officers trying to disguise what happened during the mission to save him?

Their only hope lies with Coroner Jenny Cooper, who must take on the full might of the military to stop the truth being buried along with the boy soldiers. But in a town filled with secrets and rumours, it’s not only the Army that has something to hide.

A Life to Kill is the seventh installment in the Coroner Jenny Cooper series.