MARATHON WOMAN, written and read by Kathrine Switzer – Audiobooks clip by HachetteAudio

The inspiring story of the woman who broke the gender barrier in the marathon and propelled women to the sport’s forefront.


In 1967, as Kathrine Switzer ran in the Boston Marathon, one of the event’s directors attacked her, trying to violently eject her from the all-male race. In what would become one of the all-time iconic images in sports, Switzer fought off the director, with the help of her fellow runners, and finished the race. Not only was this a watershed moment for the sport, it also became a significant event in women’s history; a force for social change and empowerment for women worldwide. Crossing the Line is Kathrine Switzer’s personal story about how she overcame the odds; as well as public ridicule; to become one of the greatest marathon runners of her time. From the childhood events that inspired her to succeed as an athlete, through her triumph in the 1974 New York Marathon, and the globally-connected series of women’s running events which she has since conceived and organized; with over a million participants in twenty-seven countries; this liberally illustrated book details the struggles and achievements of one of the pioneering women in sports; Kathrine Switzer is the TV correspondent for network broadcasts of the New York, Boston, and Chicago marathons. Book will be published on the 40th anniversary of Switzer’s gender-barrier-shattering entry into the all-male Boston Marathon. Switzer is perhaps the greatest ambassador of the marathon, and was instrumental in getting the Women’s Marathon into the Olympic Games.


Available August 22, 2017 from Hachette Audio as a digital download, Paperback, hardcover and E-book from Da Capo Press.



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