HOW CHILDREN LEARN, written by John Holt, read by Matthew Kugler – Audiobooks clip by HachetteAudio

John Holt’s tender and acute observation of how small children gobble up the world have never been surpassed. A class of child development


Fifty years ago John Holt woke the dreary world of educational theory by showing that for small children “learning is as natural as breathing.” His brilliant observations are as true today as they were then. Over a million copies were sold worldwide in the decades that followed. Today the theorists are still squabbling and John Holt’s wisdom is needed more than ever. As a hero of progressive education and of homeschoolers, his time has come again.


Available August 1, 2017 from Hachette Audio as a digital download, Paperback, and E-book from Da Capo Lifelong Books.


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