STINGRAYS, written by James Patterson, Duane Swierczynski, read by Zoe Hunter – Audiobooks Clip by HachetteAudio

A group of world-class conmen and -women work a criminal circuit–and solve unsolvable crimes.


Imagine she’s your sister. She’s never had a drink before–not even a secret sip at Thanksgiving dinner. But when her two best friends invite her to a very private party at a beach in Turks and Caicos, she can’t help herself. She’s never been invited to a party like this before.

But late at night, before she can make it home, two hands reach out from the dark and grab her. The hands, so incredibly powerful, drag her choking body down to the water’s edge. And the traces of her fingers, that claw at the beach, will be erased by the tide the next morning.


Available June 6, 2017 from Hachette Audio as a digital download, E-book from Bookshots.


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