Do you have good stereovision? by UC Science Today

If you have a good stereovision, you could be a perfect fit for jobs that require action, speed and precision, according to neuroscientist of the University of California, Berkeley, Adrian Chopin.

“If you are part of a baseball team or a basketball team, it will be easier if you had stereovision. If you already have a good stereovision but that you want to be better, one way to go there is to be a military person.”

But in his study Chopin mainly targets people with a condition called amblyopia – when vision in one of the eyes is reduced. This often leads to a loss of stereoscopic vision.

“When we train people to have a better stereoscopic vision, we put them in front of a computer. We project on a screen lines of different depth. The task is just to say do you see the line in front or behind the other line, for example.”

Chopin says, over 10 percent of people around the world are stereo-impaired, but the rest of us see the world in 3-dimensions and can benefit from improved stereoscopic vision.