Climate science needs ‘climate warriors’ by UC Science Today

When it comes to getting the message out about climate change, it’s one thing to get political leaders onboard, but you also need public support. In fact, atmospheric scientist Veerabadhran Ramanathan of the University of California, San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography says he’s hoping for ‘climate warriors’.

“These are not just flag bearing, which is important, but people who can roll up their sleeves and try to solve the problem. So, I’m on my own pathway to create those million climate warriors in the UC system.”

Ramanathan has teamed up with 50 systemwide academics in disciplines like engineering, technology, social science and humanities – to propose a hybrid course taught by about 20 faculty that combines videotaped lectures in a classroom devoted to discussing solutions. The goal would be to pilot it first on nine UC campuses, and then expand the coursework to other colleges.

“We are thinking of ‘cradle to grave’ approach; getting people to understand the scientific method and the need to protect nature.”