Naomi Klein on Trump, neoliberalism and why the left has failed – books podcast by Guardian Books podcast

After tackling the social impact of branding and corporate dominance in No Logo, then the use of crises to further political agendas in The Shock Doctrine, and the problem of political apathy in the face of climate change in This Changes Everything, activist and author Naomi Klein is back with a book that unites all her previous targets: No Is Not Enough.

Written in just months after Donald Trump’s election, No Is Not Enough is a powerful call to arms in the Trump era. Klein warns readers to be aware of the shock tactics employed by the Trump administration, in which crises are exploited in order to impose a sinister political agenda on a distracted public.

In the studio with Gary Younge, Klein spoke about how system failure contributes to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Grenfell Tower fire, what lessons can be learned from Jeremy Corbyn’s recent electoral success in the UK, and why she feels Trump’s win was not a surprise, but a “logical conclusion” to America’s love affair with celebrity and neoliberalism.

Naomi Klein appears at the Southbank Centre, London, on 4 July.

Reading list
No is Not Enough by Naomi Klein (Allen Lane)