NEW VOICES: 4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize Podcast, #1: Being A Writer by HarperAudio

Welcome to NEW VOICES, a three-part podcast series from 4th Estate Books and a happy offshoot from the Guardian 4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize. Each podcast will address a step in a writer’s journey; from the writing process, to getting and agent, and getting published, and will be available on SoundCloud and iTunes on Thursdays.

This first episode tackles the excitement, challenges, and daily process of being a writer, with the acclaimed novelist and short story writer, Niven Govinden, and shortlisted authors Arun Das and Jimi Famurewa.

The audio collection of all six shortlisted author’s work, entitled ‘New Voices’ and read by the writers, will be available for free from Audible, iTunes, or wherever you get your audiobooks, from the day the winner is announced: 13th July.


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