The Loch: TV Q&A | BAFTA Scotland by BAFTA

BAFTA Scotland was joined by writer Stephen Brady, ITV Studios Creative Director for Drama and Executive Producer Tim Haines, producer Willy Wands and Actor Laura Fraser after an exclusive preview screening of The Loch, in partnership with STV.

Within a tightly knit community, several local characters will come under suspicion as the monster lurking in their midst begins to terrify and rock the village to its core. Forensic profiler, Blake Albrighton, will assist on the case offering insights borne from the last four cases he’s helped crack with his distinctive way of working.

Written by Stephen Brady (Fortitude, Vera, Silent Witness), The Loch features The Redford family, who are an ordinary loving family with an ordinary set of problems, yet the pressure of a murder investigation will undermine their stability and create tensions that threaten to disrupt and destroy their lives together.

Actors Laura Fraser (The Missing, Breaking Bad), Siobhan Finneran (Happy Valley, Benidorm, Downton Abbey) and John Sessions (Upstart Crow, Florence Foster Jenkins, The Rack Pack) have leading roles in the new series.