Is infertility linked to heart problems? by UC Science Today

Infertility could be linked to heart problems. That’s according to Nisha Parikh, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. In a new study, the researcher is trying to find out how pregnancy loss, which is sometimes related to infertility, is connected to heart disease.

“There has been several studies that shown a link between pregnancy loss, including miscarriage and stillbirth with cardiovascular disease in the future. And we are very interested in our laboratory in studying the mechanisms that underlie this association. ”

Parikh says, it also might be a good idea for women and their doctors to follow these guidelines during medial check-ups.

“When practitioners, and by that I mean your primary care doctor or somebody’s cardiologist has a woman in their office and they are trying to figure out what their risk for developing heart disease and heart failure is, than reproductive factors and pregnancy factors are important to ask”.