Why the future of medicine is digital by UC Science Today


When it comes to the future of medicine, think digital! That’s what researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, along with tech giants like Google and Intel – are doing. UCSF pediatric surgeon Hanmin Lee is converting troves of medical records into digital format and storing them in a unified online database.

“We do have collaborations through our digital center for health innovation. When we are able to get a power of what I would argue at UCSF, the singular world’s leading research medical institution, and as an aggregate the UC system, really the world’s leading system of academic medical centers, partnering up with the leading companies that make processors that can do machine learning and can do deep learning like Intel, have companies like Cisco and GE that are interface between devices and data, I think it is such a powerful combination, I think that’s exactly where medicine is heading.”

Lee says the digital era of medicine will open new doors for experimental studies and the quality of treatment.